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The Odyssey Program teaches how to apply Theory of Constraints to make BETTER FASTER decisions at work or home

Discover the latest research on how to improve happiness, harmony and productivity at home and work, and learn how to apply a simple, yet powerful thinking process to find and overcome those assumptions that can limit any of us from achieving this objective.

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    The Odyssey process start with identifying a problem(s) within your life or organization – e.g. an expectation gap that’s been hanging over you like a dark cloud. To ensure you don’t waste your limited attention on unimportant issues, you’ll learn how to use simple IF…THEN…logic to validate that this problem is important to resolve by defining the negative consequences for you and other stakeholders and/or your organization if it remains unresolved. This step will help answer the question of Why Change

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    A common mistake when dealing with unresolved issues is to immediately look for a solution or to find someone to blame. Any solution is just one side of a conflict. In this step, attendees will learn a simple but powerful process called the Change Matrix Cloud (CMC) to verbalize the underlying conflict thye face in dealing with their problem and the conflict of the one they blame for causing their problem (whether they blame themselves or someone else). The CMC method help expose all the underlying assumptions that have blocked resolving these two conflicts by revealing the assumptions of the unique Pros and Cons of making the desired Changes AND the unique Pros and Cons of Not Changing. By exposing these sometimes exaggerated fears of loss and risk or frustrations and expectations, attendees will discover the ONE or FEW limiting assumptions to challenge to answer What to Change

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    A common mistake when trying to resolve conflicts is to assume that compromising – giving up something – is the only way to resolve conflicts. In this step, attendees will learn 4 simple options that help to expose and overcome status quo or change biases. These 4 options guides you through the process to challenge the ONE or FEW limiting assumptions or beliefs that has blocked you and ”them” from resolving your conflicts with sustainable win:win to answer To What to Change.

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    A common mistake in creating a plan to implement a new breakthrough is to either ignore valid stakeholder reservations or to use them as excuses not to act. These “Yes, buts” can include concerns about the insufficiency of our new breakthrough to ensure it will really be a win for all stakeholders, concerns about potential risks or unintended negative consequences of our new breakthrough, or simple concerns about obstacles that can block us from implementing the breakthrough. In this step, attendees will learn how to predict and identify their own and other’s valid “yes, but” and use these to to turn a potentially “half-baked solution” into fully baked breakthrough solution and develop a sequenced implementation plan of actionable next steps to answer How to Cause the Change.

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    The last mistake we make in implementing change is to do a “bad” experiment by not taking the time to capture and communicate our full analysis in a way that will allow other stakeholders to help validate its assumptions and/or decide how we will measure whether the new breakthrough have in fact helped to resolve the issue critical in answering How to achieve continuous improvement at home and at work.

Dr Alan Barnard

Ever wondered why we sometimes make and often repeat BAD decisions? Why we RESIST making GOOD changes and/or sometimes OVER-REACT and make BAD changes?

By simply Telling Us Your Story using the fast and fun ProConCloud process, you can now discover the limiting assumptions or beliefs behind your own or other’s past decision mistakes.

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The Odyssey Program is Facilitated by Dr Alan Barnard, CEO of Goldratt Research Labs

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