The Odyssey Program is a masterclass for everyone that want to enhance their creative problem-solving and decision-making skills in their personal and professional lives.

Introducing the new 1-day Odyssey Program - a Master class in Decision Making

The Odyssey Program Helps You Understand



Why we all sometimes resist changes that we probably know will be good for us/our organizations AND/OR sometimes over-react and make changes that end up being bad for us/our organization



Introduce you to the fast and robust 5-step ProConCloud process specifically designed to capitalize on the latest research insights from the Decision Sciences to help us prevent the 5 most common decision mistakes we make that can waste our limited attention and/or result in decision mistakes or delays.


Ana Maria Conde, Columbia

I have made both a personal and professional breakthrough while attending the Odyssey Program and learned a step-by-step process I can use for the rest of my life when facing difficult decisions”

Matthew C Eby, Evanston, Illinois, USA

The Odyssey program represented a business and career changing inflection point for me. I am significantly more confident in my decision making and more focused on my business and life goals than ever before. Totally AWESOME.”

Marta Marques Villagra, Sao Paulo, Brazil

“I suggest everyone who wants to give a consistent new direction toward a more meaningful life to attend The Odyssey Program! I’ve attended it last year and I am still living under its effects and I feel that it is going to be this way forever!”

Doron Goshen, Israel

One of the best time investments I have made in my life… I’m still using the tools successfully to resolve conflicts and overcome obstacles to achieving my goals.”

Message from the creator of the Odyssey Decision Maker Program

Vanilla Ice Endorses Odyssey Program And Our New Harmony Decision Maker Mobile App

Vanilla Ice Endorses Odyssey Program And Our New Harmony Decision Maker Mobile App

On what journey will the Odyssey program take you? Put yourself in Jason's shoes.

The evolution of the ProConCloud process

In this video, the Professor shares with Jason the process he can use to help him make the decision on what to do about the disharmony he has at work with his co-workers as a result of their resistance to changes he is proposing to make things better, faster and easier for everyone.

Using the ProConCloud to prevent 5 common decision mistake

In this second video, the Professor introduces Jason to the ProConCloud process – a problem solving and decision-making process which is an evolution of Benjamin Franklin’s Pro/Con List and Dr. Eli Goldratt’s Change Matrix and Evaporating Cloud methods that maintain their benefits while addressing their limitations. The ProConCloud process consists of 5 steps, each designed to overcome one of the 5 most common decision mistakes we make which wastes our scarcest resource – our limited attention.

How can I tell my story with the ProConCloud?

Paul's Spending Conflict

Learn how to use the first two steps of the new ProConCloud process to tell your story about an important problem or challenge you are facing and the associated conflicts you experience in dealing with it and also the one you blame (yourself or someone else).

Click the link below to register and complete the first two steps on our award-winning software Harmony.

Keaton's Conflict with being bullied

In this video, Keaton completes his ProConCloud on (Step 1), the problem he faced at school (being bullied), the conflict he faced (Step 2a) after being bullied repeatedly by Jake at school and he also completed the conflict that Jake, the bully, will face (Step 2a) in whether to stop bullying Keaton or not.

Dr Alan Barnard interviews Steve Wozniak

DrAlanBarnard interviews SirRichardBranson

The New And Improved 1-day Odyssey Program Was Offered In 5 Countries In 2017.

Let us know if you want an Odyssey Program in your country or company.

Introducing The New Harmony Decision Maker Mobile App

Dr Alan Barnard

Ever wondered why we sometimes make and often repeat BAD decisions? Why we RESIST making GOOD changes and/or sometimes OVER-REACT and make BAD changes?

By simply Telling Us Your Story using the fast and fun ProConCloud process, you can now discover the limiting assumptions or beliefs behind your own or other’s past decision mistakes.

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The Odyssey Program is Facilitated by Dr Alan Barnard, CEO of Goldratt Research Labs

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