The Odyssey Freshman program is where you take control of your own life!

In this hands on workshop, attendees receive training and instruction through a well guided process. Working with small groups and experienced assistants they apply the powerful tools to realize more of what they really want from life.

This is a logical, practical, step-by-step process to create breakthrough solutions for life.

We recommend joining the Alumni session right after you finish your Freshmen session to enhance the impact.

The basic steps presented in this session help us answer these questions:

WHY CHANGE: Start by defining 3 or more gaps between expectations and reality in key areas of your life. Using simple cause-effect logic, articulate why these gaps create undesirable effects and how these are bad for you and for the big picture (including other areas of your life, relationships with others, etc).

WHAT TO CHANGE: Using the Change Matrix Cloud, you will learn to verbalize gaps and undesirable effects as unresolved conflicts which are holding you back. By clearly verbalizing the desired needs and undesired risks, you will use cause-effect logic to develop an organized matrix that describes your limiting current-state conflicts. You will learn how to converge these conflicts to identify a core conflict that represents a commonality in the assumptions, beliefs, and rules that are causing the stressful gaps between reality and expectations in your life.

TO WHAT TO CHANGE: Experiment with 4 methods to generate breakthrough WIN:WIN solutions by challenging the assumptions that keep you in conflicts and replacing them with new injections in order to get more of what you want from life.

HOW TO CAUSE THE CHANGE: Implementing a breakthrough solution requires careful preparation. You will be guided through a robust process to create an actionable plan that will provide the desired effects, avoid risks, undesired effects, and overcome obstacles that can impact both you and other key stakeholders in your life (such as family, friends, and coworkers)

HOW TO MEASURE THE CHANGE and ACHIEVE ONGOING IMPROVEMENT: You will learn how to summarize and communicate your solution as a new best practice for your life. This will include a practical plan to monitor progress and reduce time to identify needed adjustments to ensure the gaps are continually closing and you are really getting more of what you want out of life.

The program is open to anyone age 16 and over willing to invest the time and attention to really discover what is blocking them and how to get more out of life- whether its achieving an ambitious goal, making an important decision or simply living a more fulfilling life.

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