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2017 Odyssey Program, Berlin

I can’t believe we are already preparing for another TOCICO conference, time flies when you are having fun!

We have had such a wonderfully positive response from the attendees of last years 1-Day Odyssey Program, plus we have received quite a few requests from various TOCICO members that could not attend the event, asking that another be held again this year. And so because of the resounding positive demand for the Odyssey Program, our Odyssey team has decided to hold the new and improved 1-day Odyssey program this year in Berlin, one day prior to TOCICO 2017 on the 15th of July! To make it convenient and accessible to as many TOCICO participants as possible it will be held at the same venue, the Meliá Hotel. That said the program will be limited to the first 40 applications, this is because the program requires one on one guidance from one of our highly skilled Odyssey Coaches, so if you want to join us on a journey of discovery and transformation, don’t delay and book your ticket now!

Discover the latest research on how to improve happiness, harmony and productivity at home and work, and learn how to apply a simple, yet powerful thinking process developed by Dr. Alan Barnard based on the work of Dr. Eli Goldratt as well as other giants in the fields of Behavioral Economics and Positive Psychology to find and overcome those assumptions that can limit any of us from achieving our objectives!

Welcome to the Odyssey Program 2017!

This powerful one day transformational event will take you through 5 simple yet extremely effective steps:

Step 1 – MY PROBLEM & WHY ITS IMPORTANT: In this step you will identify the “real” problem, your unique bottleneck and clarify why it is important to resolve this problem. 

 Step 2 – MY AND “THEIR” CONFLICTS: In this step, attendees will learn a powerful process enabling them to verbalize the underlying conflict they face, as well as the conflict of the person they blame for causing their problem (whether they blame themselves or someone else). This step exposes underlying limiting assumptions which block us from resolving our problems, in this process “what needs to change” is revealed.

Step 3 – RESOLVING MY AND THEIR CONFLICTS: In this step participants are prompted to create 4 possible outcomes. These 4 options guides you through the process to challenge the ONE or a FEW limiting assumptions or beliefs that have blocked you from resolving your conflicts with sustainable win:wins to answering the question of what to actually do to Change.

Step 4 – YES BUT PLANNING: In this step, attendees will learn how to predict and identify their own and other’s valid “yes, but” and use these to to turn a potentially “half-baked solution” into fully baked breakthrough solution and develop a sequenced implementation plan of actionable next steps to answer How to Cause the Change.

Step 5 – DESIGNING EXPERIMENTS: The last mistake we make in implementing change is to do a “bad” experiment by not taking the time to decide How to achieve continuous improvement at home and at work.

Below are a few of the Odyssey testimonials from attendees and assistants which we recorded at TOCICO 2016 Odyssey Program.

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Thank you for your ongoing support of the Odyssey Program and we look forward to welcoming you to our incredible group of alumni. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time

Warm Regards,
The Goldratt Research Labs and Odyssey Team

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